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Child Support Administrative Recalculation Service

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Child Support Administrative Recalculation Service

The new Child Support Administrative Recalculation Service offers an administrative process for parties seeking to change the amount of child support they currently pay or receive.

The optional and free service will help parties keep child support levels inline with their income without the costs associated with court review.

Not all child support court orders are eligible for this service. Parties are encouraged to review the available online resources or contact the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) for more information.

Calculate base amounts of child support: Use the Child Support Table Look-up >> 

Eligibility at-a-glance

 Eligible court orders Ineligible court orders                         

To be eligible for administrative recalculation the following must exist:



A court order is not eligible for administrative recalculation when the order:                     

  • Is guided by reasoning other than the Federal Child Support Guidelines;
  • Involves payor income greater than $150,000;
  • Involves children who are older than the age of majority where the child resides;
  • Declares an imputed parental income using information other than income tax.